Mr Charles Durham

Projects Manager

Holds a Diploma in Projects Management, has been Managing Civil and Construction projects for more than twenty years. Have extensive Knowledge of Bulk Water Systems, Pumps, Water retaining structures, Bulk Earthworks, Roads, Low cost Housing and Irrigation.


  color: 'white',
  opacity: 1,
  transition: '0.3s',
  scrolllock: true

#standalone {
  transform: scale(0.8);
.popup_visible #standalone {
  transform: scale(1);

Active background

background:false will enable interaction with background content (hover, click, etc.), while the popup is visible, as the background div will not be added to DOM.

horizontal and vertical will set the position.

keepfocus:false will prevent locking tabbing inside of popup, and leave a focus on the opening element.

autozindex will keep the popup on top of all other elements on the page.

  background: false,
  horizontal: 'right',
  vertical: 'bottom',
  keepfocus: false,
  autozindex: true,
  blur: false

Active background absolute

absolute:true keeps the popup in place when scrolling.

focuselement:'closebutton' will focus the Close element even if keepfocus is false.

  absolute: true,
  background: false,
  keepfocus: false,
  focuselement: 'closebutton'


type:'tooltip' will use the opening link as an anchor for positioning. An anchor can be explicitly set with tooltipanchor option.

offsetleft and offsetleft will set the offset.

  type: 'tooltip',
  tooltipanchor: $('#tooltip_open'),
  offsetleft: 0,
  offsettop: '-15',
  vertical: 'top',
  horizontal: 'center'

Callback events

        beforeopen: function () {
        onopen: function () {
        onclose: function () {
        opentransitionend: function () {
        closetransitionend: function () {

Other examples

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